Practice Philosophy

For over twenty years the focus of my surgical practice has been the needs of the patient. As more sophisticated methods and techniques are available to the Plastic Surgeon the more important it remains to adhere to this philosophy of answering  the needs of the patient. 

Today as always a good result is one that pleases the patient and achieves their goals. In some cases even good surgery cannot satisfy a particular goal. In some cases sugary although successful is inappropriate if the patient does not benefit from the experience. For this reason the initial and follow up consultations are essential in establishing these needs and goals. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to ask, listen and question the patient in order to fully understand these goals and to evaluate what would be required and if it is appropriate for the particular patient.

It is essential that the treatment fits the patient and aims to satisfy these goals rather than simply apply the latest fads or techniques. There are frequently several options to treatment. It is our philosophy that it is the patient who should decide the procedure based on the information about the latest techniques that are available, the time and inconvenience required and the costs involved. Proper consideration of all aspects of any planned treatment or procedure requires careful consideration of all these points.

In view of the above patients are given all the time necessary to consider any treatment or procedure. Neither I nor any member of my staff will make a patient feel pressured or hurried to make a decision. After the initial consultation, follow up or further steps will be solely at the discretion of the patient. (see also consultation)