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Lipectomy  (Tummy tucks)
Eyelid lifts (Blepharoplasty)
Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction  and lifting (Mastopexy)
Nasal surgery ( Rhinoplasty )
Chin implants
Ear surgery ( Otoplasty )
Repair of  torn earlobe deformities
Wrinkle treatment
Laser resurfacing of face
Collagen injection
Scar revision
Treatment of varicose veins


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The Consultation Link

 The consultation is the first meeting between the patient and the surgeon. It is very important in setting the tone for the whole relationship. It will not only serve to determine the appropriate procedure, but in many ways will determine the overall results.

 Through this process of examination and discussion it is important for the surgeon to listen to and understand the aspirations and expectations of the patient. It is equally important for the patient to understand the possibilities and limitations of the proposed surgery.

 For these reasons the patient must feel free to ask any question that he or she feels is important to a full understanding of the proposed surgery. It is the appropriate time to discuss possible side effects and or complications, post surgery behavior, experience of the surgeon and the costs involved. The better prepared a person is for this discussion the clearer the results will be.

 It is important to provide sufficient time for this process. With that in mind we allow for one or more revisits prior to surgery. Only after the patient is fully informed and confident in his or her decision will details of the date and preparations for surgery be made. This commitment to patient satisfaction is shared by my entire staff. 

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